Real-time viral marketing in social media for your brand

Real-time viral marketing in social media for your brand

Real-time viral marketing in social media for your brand

With cutting-edge technology mastering the globe, internet users today are flocking online each day and use social media as their primary chore to update themselves. Sharing about a good product captivates customer’s interest about the product and grabs the attention of more consumers across the globe through social media.

We all are aware that social media is a massive forum and supports viral marketing. Let us dive in and learn more about real-time viral marketing in social media for products.

All about Viral marketing 

The promotional strategy that aims at spreading the campaign massively and quickly is termed viral marketing. There are great technics followed in viral marketing, such as games, jokes, images, video clips, quizzes, micro-sites, e-cards, and many more. All such technics boost the awareness of the brand.


We live in a world of the internet, and we have the opportunity to know the real-time viral marketing is happening around us. Real-time viral marketing supports brand sales and engagement with customers. Though viral marketing is initiated from word–of–mouth marketing but they intensify communication specifically through social media networks as well as online channels.

Viral marketing gains hundreds and thousands of views for a brand with a single share. It is true that within record time, viral marketing creates outstanding results. There are few proven examples of viral marketing that grabbed the attention of millions of customers.

  • The Ice bucket challenge of ALS viral video obtained about $115 million donations for the ALS association in eight weeks. The above was successful with the support of viral marketing.
  • The old spice witty commercial launch in 2010 obtained 220,000 views in hours.
  • The Spotify wrapped campaign in 2019 helped users with more data about streaming. The launch was impeccable, with more shares via social media platforms.


Real-time Viral marketing techniques 

  1. Grabbing immediate attention

 The web offers tons of content every second, and it is hence mandatory to grab their attention instead of scrolling or to ignore your campaign. The appealing visual element in your marketing campaign is a crucial element for successful viral marketing. To pull the audience’s attention, remember to add wild, funny, bold, witty messages. Remember hilarious and weird campaigns gain more shares and likes. A good example is 2019, making an egg post that became viral on Instagram.

  1. Associating with audience

Viral marketing reaps success if it is designed for interaction with customers and easy sharing. The CTA or call to action is a vital aspect of the content directing users about the action to take after reading the content. Many effective viral marketing contents incorporate amenities for audiences to develop their content, comment and even play a song. Such ideas never let the users take their eyes off the screen.

  1. Aiming audience emotions

There are more chances for the audience to engage with viral marketing content with a strong emotional response. Viral content that makes audiences laugh, cry, or something heart-warming impacts the audience significantly.

  1. Simple messages 

It is important to know that the viral marketing campaign’s overall effectiveness declines if there are overarching messages and more than one CTA. Overloading messages with plenty of hash tags results in a clutter look and distracts the visitors from primary message. Hence maintaining an overall fairly simple content helps gain more visitors. Simple, creative, and short videos of no more than 30 seconds help you get through as viral as ever.

  1. Maintain objectives 

Following a marketing objective helps gain success in real-time. Follow measurable and specific goal which helps you travel in the appropriate track. Always pen down the number of visitors you desire to reach, the number of shares you desire to achieve in a month, and so on.


The bottom line

To successfully move your viral marketing in real-time, make sure to watch your competitor’s past campaigns to move with realistic goals. Social media offers massive opportunities for businesses and millions of individuals. Follow the appropriate strategies for real-time viral marketing and push your brands to success.

Brands with shareable and compelling content are sure to reach more visitors with the support of social media platforms. Employ real-time viral marketing techniques in digital marketing and improve your products effortlessly.

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