Top 7 trends in digital marketing for the year 2021

Top 7 trends in digital marketing for the year 2021

Top 7 trends in digital marketing for the year 2021

Businesses all over the world have gone digital and have equipped themselves to grab the attention of their end customers in the online world, through their websites, apps, and social media pages. Digital marketing had become the soul of business operations as helps them to stay afloat, gain a new customer base, retain the existing ones, and generate more revenue. We can also say that the outbreak of the pandemic has altered the ways businesses function and has been a major contributing factor for the trends in digital marketing for the year 2021.

Top trends in digital marketing for the year 2021:

The year 2020 left many marketers struggling to continue with their business operations when the world locked itself down fearing the pandemic. Now with the help of including these trends, marketers are all equipped to face the year 2021 with some confidence. Here are the happening trends in digital marketing for the current here, and most of them are seen as an upgradation to the existing trends.

1. Artificial intelligence to take over the human mind:

Most digital marketing businesses and websites have made use of artificial intelligence to assess the behavior of their consumers and alter their business operations based on such patterns. AI is also able to extract consumer behavior platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and analyze specifically how to browse for the products and the services. Though AI serves as the prominent driving force behind several services in the future, as far as digital marketing is considered, we can presume that we can use it for product recommendations, content creation, and email personalizations.

2. Conversational marketing:

This is perhaps one of the most important and happening trends in digital marketing for the year 2021. This conversational marketing helps in opening one to one communication channel directly between the end consumer and the marketer. Also, unlike the other marketing techniques, we can use conversational marketing against many different channels. We can use it to communicate with the consumer directly at their convenience and it can be implemented in different devices and platforms, to meet the needs of the end consumer as much as possible.

3. Implementation of video marketing:

Since this trend in digital marketing is been around for some time now, marketers are now attaching a serious string to it. Videos are the single most effective ways to grab and retain the attention of the end-user and are likely to remain unaltered for the next decade or two. Research studies state that about 72% of the businesses have confirmed that the incorporation of videos has enhanced their conversion rates successfully and also a vast majority of the consumers have mentioned that they can make purchase decisions confidently, after watching a product video.

4. Incorporation of blockers for Ad blockers:

This is one of the important digital marketing trends and the incorporation of blockers for Adblockers is all about withstanding and overcoming the obstacles with PPC campaigns. What if your product video falls prey to ad blockers? The entire concept of marketing is ditched and this is where these blockers can be of great help.

5. Leveraging of the content:

Marketers are realizing the value of content more now and have committed that interactive and valuable content on the website helps in enhancing engagement and also helps in enhancing consuming experience and helps improve their loyalty. Some types of interactive content that marketers want to use our contests, surveys, quizzes, etc., which helps improve time spent on the website as well.

6. Progressive web pages:

These are websites that function more like mobile applications and are featured with push notifications, the ability to work offline, exceptional load times, etc. With more users accessing the website through their mobiles, this is perhaps the best trend in digital marketing for the year 2021.

7. Automation in marketing:

Automation activities such as scaling up marketing with AI-generated content, optimizing voice search queries, etc., helps in enhancing blogger outreach and in improving consumer retention and loyalty.

And the Bonus one:

Top 7 trends in digital marketing for the year 2021

Omni-channel marketing is also gaining tremendous momentum of late and this is a marketing strategy that promotes a business on different platforms, to connect with the end-user in the best possible way. When done appropriately, this can be the best tool to enhance brand awareness and improve the end-user experience.

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