Ways to incorporate mobile-optimized marketing into your business.

Ways to incorporate mobile-optimized marketing into your business.

Mobile phones shave become an indispensable part of our lives and the adoption of smartphones in the current era is beyond imagination. It has been estimating that people spend about 80% of their time on mobile phones. This gives a motivation for mobile-optimized marketing for the business as they get to take their brand right at the pocket of their consumers.

What exactly is mobile-optimized marketing?

Mobile optimized marketing is a digital marketing strategy that aims to target the audience on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices through SMS, emails, apps, and social media content. AS in the current era, the shift of the consumer is towards the mobile, the marketers have also started to leverage on mobile marketing. Research studies state that mobile marketing can do wonders in enhancing brand value and visibility and in driving more demand for the products and services of a business.

Ways to optimize mobile marketing into the business:

Mobile marketing is regarded as a personal channel between the brand and its audience, offering tremendous personalization options. It has been estimated that an average adult spends around 2 hours and 34 minutes on their smartphone every day and an average user downloads around two apps in a month. And 9 out of 10 mobile phone users visit e-commerce sites and use the device to make an online purchase.

Thus, by getting the mobile marketing strategy correct, businesses can make great revenue through mobile users. Here are some proven ways to incorporate mobile-optimized marketing into your business.

1. Optimizing mobile Searches:

Marketing has been optimizing their web content with SEO strategies, now as the search results on the mobile phone are way different from a PC, it becomes mandatory to make mobile indexing a priority shortly. It is important to have a dedicated SEO strategy for mobile devices and when it comes to mobile SEO, the following points are worth noting.

  • Mobile users do not want to read a lot of content and thus, less is more with marketing content for mobile phones.
  • The website loading time should be as minimal as possible as mobile consumers are highly impatient

Give priority to usability and responsive design.

2. Optimize mobile marketing with Ads:

The worst fear of mobile marketers is the Adblockers, which could easily block their business ad amid the content. Thus while indulging in mobile marketing it is important to look for a format that is less intrusive and renders a better user experience, perhaps through animated banners, videos, interactive ads, etc.

3. Investing in a dedicated app for mobile:

There is perhaps no mobile usage without leveraging on apps. Thus, a brand app can be an exceptional investment to enhance the interaction between the brand and the end-user and helps to improve the end-user experience as well. The first step towards a mobile-optimized marketing strategy is to create a brand app in the first place.

4. Geo-locations for local marketing:

The concept of mobile-optimized marketing was revolutionized with the concept of geotagging and extending the marketing efforts of the firm based on the locations of their end consumers. By optimizing mobile marketing with the help of Geo-locations, it is possible to target customers in a specific geographic location and offer them many promotions and discounts, to win their trust and loyalty. Location-based marketing is perhaps one of the best advantages of mobile marketing and it helps the users with endless possibilities. Accessibility and end-user experience are also many dynamics in this marketing initiative.

5. Marketing with the help of multimedia messages and text:

Mobile-optimized-marketingMobile optimized marketing strategy offers the flexibility of marketing with the help of text messages to the end-user. Though these were the first-ever tools that were used in mobile marketing, they still serve to be highly efficient in mediating brand promotions.




Bottom Line:

Over the years, several brands have implemented the best mobile marketing strategies to make the best out of their marketing budget and to expand their business across geographic destinations. In the modern market, mobile-optimized websites and marketing methods are vital for business success. It helps in increasing the bottom line of the brand and helps in enhancing consumer engagement with multiple touchpoints.


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